Amica Systems

IJPS is proud to be associated with Amica Systems, a world leader in industrial image graphics and inkjet technologies.


Phoenix inkjet


Utilising the fastest and highest resolution inkjet print head technology, the Phoenix meets the increasing and rigorous demands for printing variable addresses, graphics, dates, times, barcodes, serial numbers, and texts on coated and uncoated substrates.


WaveJet inkjet


Kirk Rudy’s solution for coated stock addressing. Use WaveJet to print great looking addresses and graphics on a wide variety of paper including most non–porous, coated stocks. WaveJet’s unique capability adds flexibility to your operation while allowing you to offer customers more of what they’re looking for – eye catching ads on glossy paper.


WaveJet V2.5 inkjet


Kirk-Rudy’s larger 2.5 inch print head featuring Versadrop™ which offers greater functionality by modulating ink drop size. The result is sharper text with the crisp edge definition required to produce greyscale images with vibrancy and clarity all without sacrificing production speed and print quality.


NetJet HP45A inkjet


Kirk-Rudy’s best selling HP45A inkjet addressing system combines HP thermal inkjet technology with an intuitive Windows-based user interface to make printing variable text and graphics simple and fast.


Impika iEngine 1000L Inkjet


Outstanding and scalable print quality and speed. Built on Impika DOD piezoelectric inkjet technology, the i Engine 1000L offers a best-in-class print quality, with a 600 X 600 dpi 4- levels mode, superior to 1,000 dpi visual resolution.


Makrotek CIJ


The Makrotek M4 is a multi-line continuous ink jet printer (CIJ printer). It can be used to print indelible codes such as use-by dates or batch codes onto any porous or non-porous surface including bottles (both glass bottles and plastic bottles), cardboard ready-meal packs, yoghurt pots, milk cartons, in fact on almost any surface you can think of.


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