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IJPS are a Makrotek approved service and sales organisation.

The Makrotek M4 is a multi-line continuous ink jet printer (CIJ printer). It can be used to print indelible codes such as use-by dates or batch codes onto any porous or non-porous surface including bottles (both glass bottles and plastic bottles), cardboard ready-meal packs, yoghurt pots, milk cartons, in fact on almost any surface you can think of.


With the ability to print one, two, three or four lines of text, graphics, logos and barcodes it offers unrivalled value for money and ease of use.


The Makroteks M4’s stainless steel wide-body cabinet is specially tailored for operation in humid and high temperature working areas so chilled and frozen factories are not a problem for it. Its low-maintenance printhead and robust, wash-proof stainless steel enclosure provides reliable, clean operation in even the harshest environments.


Makrotek’s M4 was developed to fulfil demanding requirements for a wide range of ink jet printing applications. Combining ease of use with stable and consistent performance, the system’s large, easy-to-read, colour, icon-based 10.4” TFT touch screen makes it simple to operate and create messages while allowing it to code in complex applications.


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