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KR496 Friction feeder


Heavy–duty and fast, the KR496F friction feeder handles hard to feed items such as Z–folds and open ended products. Easily mounts onto and integrates with KR’s shuttle feeder or any of KR’s transports systems.


KR224 Shuttle feeder


Consistently feeds a wide assortment of products, including magazines, cards, newspapers, knock–down boxes and envelopes. The KR224 vacuum shuttle feeds anything from thin sheet to booklets utilising a range of vacuum plates and pusher lugs.


KR324 Shuttle feeder


The stand alone KR324 shuttle feeder handles a wide variety of media from single sheets and envelopes to books and magazines. Smaller than the KR224 shuttle feeder, the KR324 accommodates product 3″ wide by 5″ long up to 14″ wide by 14″ long.


KR500 Friction feeder


The KR500 is a heavy duty Friction Feeder that is designed to feed flat die-cut boxes and many other difficult irregular products up to widths of 19.25” and speeds of 1,000 feet / minute.


KR519S Transport base


KR have completely revamped their professional grade inkjet base to provide class leading print quality, durability and modularity. The KR519S is perfectly suited for handling all kinds of direct mail pieces as well as flat chipboard and corrugated cartons for your inkjet printing, coding and labelling needs.


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